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Recycling of construction debris

Recycling construction waste brings investors Return On economic , as rubble arising under demolition and demolition is re- usable in construction and full replacement of natural materials .


Economic benefits of recycling construction waste :

Cost savings for the transport of construction waste to landfill
Cost savings in return for the deposit of waste in landfills
Cost savings for the purchase of natural materials
Cost savings for the transport of natural materials

Product recycling in particular :

Recycled concrete ( use as filler in concrete )
Recycled asphalt (use less burdened in repairing roads , construction of new cemented soil layers )
Recycled bricks (production vybrolisovaných blocks , mortar filler , production of molded mud bricks , filler aggregates .
Mixed recycled material ( base material , backfill material ) .

The product resulting from the recycling has broad application possibilities in construction , which can be summarized as follows :

Stabilizing substrate ( bedrock roads , parking areas , railroad construction )
drainage materials
Filler for concrete ( comparable properties than using natural stone )
Backfill material ( energy distribution , building foundations , etc. . ) .

The resulting product , recycled , has comparable properties as their natural equivalents, and its use can significantly reduce the consumption of raw materials and to reduce the negative impact on the environment .