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If you contract with us for your demolition project , we will handle the whole thing from top to bottom . Our full-service demolition team has the necessary expertise , equipment and connection to return your site to flat dirt , safely and on time . Our demolition services include :

Demolition Business

Commercial DemolitionCommercial demolition rarely takes place in an open field . That is why we have become experts at extracting buildings from tight spaces . We are as skilled at removing center operating mills , as we demolish the building in the middle of the downtown cityscape .

Our commercial demolition portfolio includes office buildings , grocery stores , warehouses , airplane hangars , and the deck . We specialize in :
accurate removal

Using our state - of - the - art hydraulic technology , we are able to eliminate commercial buildings with an unprecedented degree of precision . Our high accessible excavators allow us to carefully extract our target without damaging surrounding buildings - even when you are connected .
minimal impact

On any commercial demolition , we pay special attention to our impact on the environment . Our employees are trained beyond OSHA standards to ensure safe demolition place for everyone , while our highly effective methods of green demolition will help minimize our impact on the environment.

asset Recovery
Demolition and Asset Investment Recovery Services

Renewal of assets to maximize the value of unused or terminate the web of life assets through reuse , recovery or resale . Often industrial facilities have a plethora of materials contained in their walls in the form of machinery, equipment, metals and others. With the demolition reversion , these unused resources can be turned into a positive equity in order to offset the cost demo for commercial or industrial demolition project .

Various useful items can be returned for pre- demolition rescue , such as: use of recyclable framing materialsasset

Steel, aluminum and copper
production equipment
AC units
Harwood floors
And more ...

Demolition Contractors Asset Recovery

Our plans for the recovery of assets are customized for each client in order to better identify any potential hidden assets within their structure . We have the knowledge and skills to help your company to extract the maximum possible value of the site . Older Demolition also has the experience and expertise to effectively buy and market re-use processing and manufacturing facilities of our customers .

Contact e3D s.r.o. today to learn more about how we can help with your investment and asset renewal project .